Social Responsibility

Responsible consumption

We want to deliver a message of moderation so that alcohol consumption remains a pleasurable experience synonymous with festivities and conviviality.

The success of Marussia Beverages activities is ensured because we fight vigorously against excessive or inappropriate drinking practices through:

Implementing ethical marketing strategies

Marussia Beverages obliges all company employees to follow strict and demanding rules regarding ethics and advertising. More demanding than certain professional codes, it requires a responsible drinking message in all Group advertisements, for example, and bans obscenity

and gratuitous nudity. We also assist and advise subsidiaries on commercial and advertising ethics matters upon request.

Protecting minors

Young people are the most at risk of inappropriate drinking habits. Marussia Beverages brings these risks to their attention through targeted campaigns.

All Marussia Beverages activities protect minors.

Raising awareness about risks to pregnant women

Alcohol consumption carries major risks for unborn infants at every stage in pregnancy. For these reasons, Marussia Beverages endeavours to keep women informed and aware of the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Making Marussia Beverages UK Limited teams more responsible

The Marussia Beverages team supports all the values the company stands for and will act as ambassadors to ensure moderate drinking.

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