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The Story of Pastis Janot

In 1928 in Aubagne, Provence, Alfred Maunier, began to create a range of typical Provençal spirits. Very quickly these products became so famous that they could be found throughout the south of France.

Monsieur Maunier’s singular ambition was to capture and pass on the fragrances and flavours of Provence through the rich and aromatic drinks he created. To achieve this goal, he chose a unique production process—one which would let time do his work for him. This specially adapted maceration process allowed the plants to slowly release their quintessential aromas.

The secret recipes have been passed on through the generations, tested over time and patiently improved. Today, the distillery remains an independent business and one of the last in the industry to produce in the heart of pastis country.

Unlike many brands of pastis, the herbs and spices of Pastis Janot are not distilled, but rather macerated, thereby imparting both natural flavour and colour. When the master blender considers absorption of flavour to be just right, the liquor is drawn off, filtered and bottled. It is this rather fragile balance between intensity of aroma and subtleness of flavour that gives Janot its distinct, rich taste.


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