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The Story of Cold River Vodka

Discover a new appreciation of spirits with the gluten-free vodka and gin that deliver authentic handcrafted quality. Cold River spirits are made with Maine potatoes grown on their own farm and triple-distilled for the perfect level of refinement.

Cold River Vodka is the only ground-to-glass potato vodka distillery in the United States, located in Freeport, Maine. The vodka’s water source is Maine’s Cold River, which flows out of Evans’ Notch and meanders its way through the former potato fields of forested Fryeburg, and filters through miles of underground granite into the Cold River Aquifer, home to some of our planets purest and most refreshing water.

An acre of potatoes can produce more vodka than an acre of any other crop that can be planted. So why aren’t more distilleries producing potato vodka? The simple answer is making vodka from potatoes requires more steps and thus, more time. But, on the positive side the unfermented sugars left over after potato vodka production – versus wheat-based vodka production – lead to vodka with a naturally smoother finish.

Each Cold River Vodka bottle is numbered by hand to reflect its batch and ensure its excellence. This is a super-premium, martini-quality, gluten-free vodka that is distinctive among the world’s most sophisticated spirits. Experience pure enjoyment with this 100% Maine potato vodka.

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